History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our Story

Our story begins with our founder, Brian Poole. After 24 years in the funeral business, Brian dreamt of having a funeral home where someone involved in our community made the decisions. He has experienced first-hand the effects of corporate ownership on the funeral industry. Funeral prices continually rise with no regard to the needs of the community. Families' needs go unmet because decisions are not made locally. As Brian has said, "After spending 24 years working with families, I believe the best way to serve is when a funeral home is locally owned. We can give back to the community we know and love. That is what we will do here in North Georgia." 

 Because of Brian’s vision, hard work, and dedication to our community, we now have such a place. Poole Funeral Home and Cremation Services at Woodstock is a locally owned facility, built specifically to serve the people of our community. Here we provide funeral services, cremation service, caskets, and urns, always bearing in mind our commitment to provide service and value to our clients. Brian put it this way, “We are local people serving local families. This is our home. We want everyone in our community to feel welcome here.”

Our Valued Staff

  • Brian K. Poole

    Brian K. Poole Owner/Funeral Director/Embalmer

    Brian Poole was only a senior in high school when he began working at Byrd Funeral Home in his hometown of Dothan, Alabama. Finding working hours that fit his school and sports schedule was important to him, not knowing at the time he had also found his future career. During his internship he aided with funeral visitations that occurred on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, working until 10 pm in the evenings.

    Along his career path Brian would work in a variety of other capacities and businesses, but always came back to the funeral industry. As a student, it had made a lasting impression on him, and he found it meaningful. He felt it important to be there for families during stressful and sad times of their lives, a time when they needed sincerity and compassion most. Brian relates he had realized his “life’s calling,” with a capacity to minister and help families during heartbreaking times. He received his licensing (Alabama and Georgia) from Gupton-Jones College of Funeral Services and joined Byrd Funeral Home full time.

    When Byrd was purchased by Service Corporation International (SCI) in 1995, it became one of 2,000 funeral homes acquired by the company, including one in Woodstock, which Brian was asked to manage. Having spent most of his life in the flat ‘wiregrass section’ of South Alabama, Brian and family made the move to the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia. The Poole family found what they have called ‘home,’ a place to live and grow. They not only discovered the beauty and convenience of the area where the ‘metro meets the mountains,’ but also the graciousness of the people. It would become the permanent home for Brian, his wife Amy and two daughters, Olivia, 13 and Ava, 9.

    Brian Poole is a ‘people person.’ He enjoys getting involved in the community, serving as he can. He ran for county commissioner after only one year of living in Cherokee County, knocking on many doors and meeting many people, which he appreciated. He received a majority of the vote. “Because I was the new guy in town I never dreamed I would be elected, but it happened,” he said. “I am grateful for every minute I had to serve, and I am proud of the progress we made.”

  • Mr. Timothy H. Pinson

    Mr. Timothy H. Pinson Funeral Director/Embalmer

    Tim was born and raised in Ellijay, Georgia and knew as a young man that Funeral Service was the career he wanted to pursue, Tim brings a passion and desire to serve families in every aspect of Funeral Service, Tim graduated Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Mortuary Science. Tim is Licensed as a Funeral Director and Embalmer in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee as well as a Certified Crematory Operator. Tim is the Funeral Director in Full and Continuous Charge of our Sister Company Cremations Services of Georgia located in Ballground, Georgia. Tim and his wife Donna live in Dawsonville and attend Glory Divine Baptist Church in Cumming, Georgia. Tim enjoys gardening, canning, fishing and spending time with his wife and family.

  • Mrs. Jennifer Bagby

    Mrs. Jennifer Bagby Funeral Assistant

  • Ms. Sabrina Newton

    Ms. Sabrina Newton Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprentice

  • Ms. Jessica Hart

    Ms. Jessica Hart Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprentice

  • Ms. Amanda Johnson

    Ms. Amanda Johnson Office Manager